New Hope Community Pantry | Saturday,  April 27

New Hope | Street

Through New Hope’s Street initiative, we serve our local homeless community by providing food, drinks, and care packs, provisions which are generously contributed by our Church family. Currently we go on the streets four times a month. It is our prayer that through providing these basic needs, Christ will open doors for us to share the good news of the gospel, the hope of salvation with those we encounter. As we bring food and care packs, share the gospel, and offer prayer, we believe God will work change in our community. A great way you can get involved is by helping us maintain a well-stocked pantry, providing us with the necessary resources to continue making an impact in our community!

Ways we are Reaching Out

Packing Team

Preparing coffee, sandwiches, and food and care packs for the outreach team to distribute.

Outreach Team

Going onto the streets to distribute the food and care items to our local homeless community.


Help us maintain a well-stocked pantry of essential items, used to bless our community!

Read Testimonies of what God is Doing!

Sandra's Testimony

It is always a privilege and honour to go out to the people and provide food and drinks, a friendly smile, an ear to listen or an invitation to pray. When I think of New Hope ministry I think of how Jesus taught us to pray, asking the Father to “give us this day our daily bread,” and I clearly see that the needs of those we minister to are daily. I also see the that the ministry requires the grace and provisions of the Father daily. Supplies to be donated and purchased, people to pack and prepare, people to oversee and evaluate, people to pray and people to go out. It’s amazing to me that all people are equal in our dependence and need for God’s daily provision. But even more importantly our humble recognition of our daily dependence on him.

Skyanne's Testimony

The last time I went to serve with New Hope in handing out sandwiches and winter clothes, we were blessed by a woman showing up who didn’t attend our church. She brought food items and winter gear and it was a blessing to serve with her that day. Not only did we show the love of Jesus to the people living in the area nearby that day, nearly everyone on the team got to share what Jesus meant to them and why they did New Hope with this stranger who felt like a friend.

Carl's Testimony

My experience has been positive because I do something to help the less fortunate. It gives me a good feeling to bless other people. However, I also experience heartbreak to see others with mental and other severe problems. My heartbreak made me cry out to the Lord for His divine intervention and guidance. I am also encouraged by the team that organizes everything and their ability to interact lovingly with the homeless.

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