New Hope Community Pantry | Saturday,  April 27

New Hope | Community

Through New Hope’s Community initiative, we actively serve our local community, providing support to low-income households. Currently we host a community pantry once a month, as well as serve breakfasts in a local elementary school twice a week to children from low-income households. It is our prayer that through providing support to our community, we can share the love of Christ and the hope of the gospel with those we serve. As we continue to be faithful in serving our community, we believe God is faithful to work change in our community, bringing glory to his name and further establish His kingdom here on earth. A great way you can get involved is by helping us maintain a well-stocked pantry, providing us with essential, non-perishable items that we can use to bless our community!

Ways we are Reaching Out

Community Pantry

We collect and distribute bread and food hampers to low-income households once a month. 

Breakfast Program

 We serve breakfast twice a week at a local elementary school to children of low-income households.


Help us maintain a well-stocked pantry of essential items, used to bless our community!

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