New Hope Community Pantry | Saturday,  April 27

Freedom Ministry began in April 2023 when God put it on our hearts to begin reaching out into our local prison system. After much preparation and anticipation we held our first meeting on June 25th. From that first visit onwards, we’ve witnessed the power of the gospel as we have had opportunity to share with many different inmates across multiple meetings. What’s truly remarkable is the reciprocal nature of our encounters – during one visit, the inmates expressed their desire to pray for us, a gesture that deeply touched our hearts.

As we continue this outreach, we are thrilled to be expanding our reach to the Edmonton Remand Centre in addition to our ongoing presence at the Fort Saskatchewan Correctional Centre. This expansion presents exciting new opportunities for us to serve the Lord and His Church.

In order to serve in our Freedom Ministry, each individual must first be a part of our Church, have a current (6 months or less) Criminal Record Check, and complete an orientation with each of the prisons.

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Please contact us below if you would like more information.

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