1. Our Purpose


From the beginning, NECF has desired to be a community of authentic, passionate followers of Jesus Christ. We are committed to living by faith, being known by love, and being a voice of hope in the communities where we live, work and play. This means creating a healthy atmosphere of meaningful connection, authenticity, mutual accountability, and loving service.

2. Our Message


We believe that people are born into this world broken and separated from the life of our Creator. However, we also believe that forgiveness and healing are freely offered to all people by our Lord Jesus Christ. We want to be passionate disciples who will extend this ministry of Jesus Christ to the world.

3. Our Passion


We recognize worshiping God as being our greatest privilege and our highest calling. We believe that the true essence of worship is in offering our lives back to God through Jesus Christ. It is about complete, total, unwavering surrender of our relationships, time, dreams and life to the plans and purposes of God.

4. Our Value


We want to live lives that are filled with, guided by and transformed by the presence of God. His Holy Spirit is the catalyst for the healing of our lives as our minds are renewed and we become more like Jesus in our thoughts, attitudes, words and behaviour.

5. Our Mission


Our shared mission is to join with God in His mission to share His love and life with the world. Through our programs, resources and activities, we want to extend His Grace and ignite His Hope in every community in North Edmonton, Canada, and around the world.

NECF is proud to be a part of the Apostolic Church of Pentecost, a fellowship of local churches and pastors. Our statement of faith is the same as ACOP’s. To view our statement of faith and get more information on the ACOP please click here